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G'day! The name's Icytemporalist, but most people call me Icy. Expect a few things Etrian Odyssey, Pokemon, TF2, aaaand whatever else happens to catch my fancy.
May contain trace amounts of foreign languages.

I like to draw stuff, put the better works on my dA and art blog, record things as well as write drabbles and RP on my sideblogs. (Linked below). Sometimes I'll reblog or post something about them here though, see the tags page for more info.

Also, I track 'hoenniswheretheheartis', so if you want me to see a non-reblogged post, then you can tag it with that.

(I know the title clashes with EOIV's 'Windy Archives' but I like it so until I think of something better, it shall stay.)

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hoenniswheretheheartis said: Err… It’s been that way for at least 22/3 days now??

September 22nd is the autumnal equinox, the OFFICIAL first day of fall/autumn. Up until today it was still technically summer :’D

This year it was at around 10:30 pm~

THANK YOU.  <3  My mother’s calender said fall started today, and my calender says it starts tomorrow.  YAY, FALL!  *digs out the fingerless gloves*

Well on that note we’ve had two summerish days of late with tomorrow forecast predicting rain, so I suppose your point does have merit.