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G'day! The name's Icytemporalist, but most people call me Icy. Expect a few things Etrian Odyssey, Pokemon, TF2, aaaand whatever else happens to catch my fancy.
May contain trace amounts of foreign languages.

I like to draw stuff, put the better works on my dA, say stuff and write drabbles and RP on my sideblogs. (Linked just below). I track 'hoenniswheretheheartis', so if you want me to see a non-reblogged post, then you can tag it with that.

(I know the title clashes with EOIV's 'Windy Archives' but I like it so until I think of something better, it shall stay.)

Character Ask/Sketch/RP Blogs:

(Rough Character Information)

Background: Sootopolis City (Winter) as made by me.
Icon: Taken from this image.


Hmm.. Inquisitor Barnham might just’ve given me the extra inspiration I needed to finish that image…

Alas there’s something I want to finish first.

"You now find yourself at the other end of my sword."
 - Zacharias Barnham