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G'day! The name's Icytemporalist, but most people call me Icy. Expect a few things Etrian Odyssey, Pokemon, TF2, aaaand whatever else happens to catch my fancy.
May contain trace amounts of foreign languages.

I like to draw stuff, put the better works on my dA and art blog, record things as well as write drabbles and RP on my sideblogs. (Linked below). Sometimes I'll reblog or post something about them here though, see the tags page for more info.

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(I know the title clashes with EOIV's 'Windy Archives' but I like it so until I think of something better, it shall stay.)

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Oh, just in case I start going on too much about Etrian Odyssey:

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Okay but I’ve had a great idea for SZ.

I don’t think I’ve ever gone into much detail about it, but in every version of Artemis’ cannon, she has an ex named Orion (Corny I know but still) and like Artemis, he’s had a few key traits about him too.

Long story short, I know at one point in SZ Lloyd contacts her to ask what she knows about Colress. And then on the train home it clicked.

Colress can be SZ’s Orion.

hoenniswheretheheartis asked
D O N O T Q U E S T I O N T H E M Y S T I C P O W E R O F N I N E T A L E S .




… T H A T   I S   A L S O   T R U E .

hoenniswheretheheartis asked
I had this idea the other day: How plausible is it that Charles Darling('s ancestor) was the person in the middle of the ripped portions of the Mann family photograph?


Y’KNOW considering Zepheniah Mann’s wife, Bette, was the daughter of Wm. Darling Esq, it could be possible. A few people have speculated that there is more than one person in the middle as well. Maybe he’s one of them ??

IDK Charles Darling is one of those characters that I never really hear discussed, but I feel like we should keep an eye on.

All the more reason to look forward to the next comic. Many thanks~


Have a hat-tilting Sniper.
Okay so it’s actually Blu Spy from the Once Upon a time in 2Fort [x] but I had a need and since I couln’t find what I was after if it did already exist I decided to make my own.
Just don’t claim you made the gif yourself. c:Because that is stealing and is frowned upon in most fandoms.

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Oh no, is this a pattern!?

(causally brings this back)

Also I’ve done what I did last time and made it so old links will still work, so whilst it’d be better if you did update bookmarks/links etc, it doesn’t matter in the long run.